At Northland Tint & Audio, we have a combined 40+ years of Window Tinting Experience with Automotive, Residential, and Commercial Window Films.  You are in good hands and we stand behind everything we do.

Window tint on your vehicle has many benefits, It is not just for appearance.

We use SolarFx Automotive Window Films which block 99% of all harmful UV Rays, Block heat, give you privacy, and add protection your car interior from fading. 

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We carry 3 types of film which each have different characteristics and offer different features.

1. Vintage Series

is a tried and true film with a rich, black tone.  It is a 2 ply 1.5 Mil polyester that utilizes the newst generation of dyes that are Deep Dyed intoe the polyester.  This dying technology will minimize the color fade over time and will hold up beautifully in any climate while blocking 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays and comes with a Standard Lifetime Warranty and blocks around 35% IR.

2, CarbonFX Series

is a color stable film with a clean, black tone.  CarbonFX utilizes the most advanced dyes on eh market.  This Deep-Dyed 2 ply 1.5 Mil polyester film adds in multiple stages of UV inhibitors during the mfg. process to insure it maintains the same rich color as the day it was installed, while blocking 99% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays.  CarbonFX carries a FULL Premium Lifetime warranty and blocks up to 45% IR.

3. FXtreme2 Ceramic Film

Nano-Ceramic series uses a proprietary, non-metalized, ceramic material that is specially designed to reject heat, UP TO 88% of IR, and block 99% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays.  This cutting edge technology is built into the 2 ply, 2 Mil Color Stabble polyester. This film excels at keeping vehicles cooler, reducing the damaging effects of the sun on the interior and will not interfere with today's electronics.  The FXtreme 2 Series of window films come with a Premium Lifetime Warranty.